Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Book Four: Once Again

Hey guys, sorry this took so long, I have been busy with school life etc. So PLEASE if you like this blog don't give up I will keep writing for you guys that like this blog!


Lance walked out of the nurses office and ran outside to the fresh open air. He inhaled and then gave a loud sigh. He leaned his back on the wall next to him and fidgeted in his pocket and pulled out a long chain with a ring on it. He fingered the ring and looked at it, and placed it around his neck and tucked under his shirt and looked around the shcool yard.

What had she seen? He asked himself, Which memory? he got up as the bell rang for the next period. He walked to his car and opened it up and sat in the front seat and slammed the door shut. He started to blast the music and then the door next to him opened up. He did not even turn to look to see who it was. "What Blake?" he asked his friend.

"Well, you seemed upset when I saw you slam to door to your car," Blake explained, "What happened?" he asked. Lance sat still for a moment and then closed his eyes and pressed his hands into his face. "What happened?" Blake asked again a bit more sternly. Lance looked at him and then out the window and started up the car. "Lance, you cannot hide from this forever, we cannot just leave this city, we just got here," Blake growled at Lance as he started to drive away from the school. Lance turned to look at Blake and then turned his head away.

"SHE SAW!!!" he snapped as the drove down the busy streets. "She saw something! And I have no idea which memory, which age it was, Blake, she knows something is up, I cannot just hide it from her, I cannot go back to that school, or to her," Lance had tears falling from his eyes. Blake looked at Lance and then started to laugh. Lance growled and looked at Blake, "What do you think is so funny?" he growled.

Blake caught his breath, "Oh, nothing, just that, you Lance, of all people slipped up, you SLIPPED up!" he laughed. "Oh my goodness, this is fantastic!" Blake laughed. Lance shot him a look that caused him to shut up. "Okay, okay, I get it, anyways, just be careful," Blake sighed whipping a tear from his face. Lance stared ahead at the traffic and nodded. "Anyways, what would you like to do? While we skip class," Blake asked.

"Well, fist off, we are being tailed, by the new kids, so lets go there," Lance smiled at Blake. "Give them something to think about," he added.

"Where?" Blake asked and then it seemed to click. "Oh, there, you think the old man will mind three new guests? I mean it is change, a big change," he added. "Three new people," he laughed.

"The old man will not mind," Lance answered back with a smile. "Anyways, lets go have so fun at the bar," he added with a smirk.

© by Ellie S.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Three: First Sight

Marie walked into her first period class after drving to school. She wore a light grew blouse and a pair of blue jeans. She pushed a piece of her golden brown hair out of her face and silently stood by the door, feeling a sense of fear, her first day of high shool, ever. She looked around the room to see students walking to their desks and sitting down, talking with each other, wishpering about the new kids.

"Did you hear? The blond one is American, why does he live with them?" one girl whispered.

"I heard their father is a mafia boss," another girl wispered back. "Why else would they have that nice of cars?" she added.

"I heard they are a part of the witness protection program," a boy muttered to them. Marie sighed, they had only been their for an entier 20 minutes and there were already rumors flying around about them. She ignored the gossoping wishpers and turned her head towards the door. A man walked in and the class fell silent.

"Marry Smyth I presume?" he asked. Marie nodded at him and the man turned. "Class, meet Marry Smyth, she moved from England with her family," he introduced. "I am Mr. Cooper, ask me anything you need to know," he added. Suddenly the door opened and a boy walked in. Marie noticed that it was the same boy she had seen in the parking lot. He walked in with a shinning smile on his face which seemed to make all the girls sigh with wish. Marie rolled her eyes and looked away from him. "Mr. Lance," Mr. Cooper started. So his name is Lance... Lance... she repeated the name in her head over and over. "Being late..." he paused and seemed to go into a daze. "Just don't let it happen again..." Marie looked at Mr. Cooper.

"Of corse," Lance shone his smile again and walked off to one of the empty desks and sat down.

"Right..." Mr. Cooper seemed to snap out of his trance and turned to Marie. "Marry, sit next to Lance over there," he added. Marie nodded and walked over to one of the four empty desks around Lance. She wondered why he sat alone like that and shyly sat next to him. She heard a hiss echo through the classroom and wondered what she had done. She looked at Lance who looked back and smiled.

"Hello, I am Lance, what is your name?" he asked. Another hiss echoed. "Ignore them, they are jealous," he smiled.

"I don't see what they are jealous about," Marie answered back.

"Ah, I am handsome, beautiful, all around loved," he whispered back. Marie rolled her eyes. She did not like him already.

"Yeah, right, arrogant, is more like it," she snapped. Lance thought for a moment.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," he smiled at her. "Anyways, what is your name?" he asked.

"Marry, Marry Smyth," Marie answered back to him. He smiled at that.

"Marry, is that your real name?" he asked in a low whisper.

"What?" Marie asked quickly. He shock his head and gave a gentle laugh. The entier time they had been talking he hadn't looked at her. "Why don't you look at me when you talk?" Marie asked. Lance sighed and turned his face towards her. Their eyes caught again. Marie held his gaze and saw something.

"Vicotria, why are you leaving me?" came a soft hurt voice.

"I can't be with you Luke," Marie felt herself answered. Suddenly warm arms wrapped around her. The dream was so real. Lips suddenly hit hers and they held there for what felt like for ever, the adenline rushed through her, her face flushed. "Stop," she pleaded when she had a moment to breath. But the kiss came again and she felt herslef kiss back and then she pulled back.

"Don't tell me you do not love me too," came Luke's voice. Marie looked up to to see his face and looked into green eyes.

Marie's eyes flew open and felt warm arms wrapped around her carring her. She looked up to see Lance carring her. "What happened?" she asked.

"You feel asleep during class, I told Mr. Cooper that I was taking you to the nurse to rest becuase you probally wheren't over jetlag yet," Lance smiled back. "How are you feeling?" he asked as he opened a door. Marie shrugged nd felt herself be plaecd on a bed.

"Well, the nusre will be back soon, I will see you later," Lance smiled and walked away.

"Why do I feel like I have met him?" Marie asked outloud as the door closed behind Lance.

© 2009 by Ellie S.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Book Two: Hilton High

Lance leaned his back on his old vintage charger talking with a group of friends. His green eyes suddenly caught two silver porsches 997 turbos, the 2007 versions, and a silvery blue hard top convertible BMW driving into the school parking lot. They all parked next to each other and two boys walked out of the porsches and one girl walked out of the BMW. They looked around and caught everyones attention Lance rolled his eyes and watched the girl. He pushed a strand of his brown hair out of his eyes and watched the girl his green eyes caught her eyes as she turned her head to look at him. His eyes widened as he looked at her hazel eyes, he broke the gaze by quickly looking away.

"Jace, I have to go find my brother, I'll be right back," Lance smiled at his friend. Jace nodded as Lance turned away. He walked towards the green football field and stopped in front of a tree. He looked up and glared. "Blake, get down here," a figure sighed from the tree and jumped down. He was about as tall as Lance but instead of brown hair he had black, but in turn had the same green eyes.

"What is it Lu.." Blake started but trailed off as Lance glared at him. "Oh, sorry Lance," Blake corrected himself.

"Never mind that Blake, I saw her again, she is back on this world," Lance snapped. "This is a living hell on this horrid Earth," Lance groaned leaning on the tree pressing his face in his hands. "Blake, what if I can get her this time?" he asked. Blake looked at his brother.

"Lance, we've been through this, she will never pick you, she will always, pick one of the other two, no matter which life it is," Blake sighed. Lance glared at him.

"How would you know? You have never even tried to find your soul mate! And you know what she looks like, where she is and everything!" Lance snapped. Blake snorted and looked at him.

"Never felt like it, always enjoyed this life, more then the other choice, anyways, how long will it take the humans to figure out that the black diamonds we leave or fake?" Blake asked.

"Never mind that, Victoria is back, and besides, we did not steal that diamond," Lance hissed. "It was never one of the targets, we need to figure out who is doing this and stop them before the humans get into this more then they should," Lance sighed. Blake looked at him and nodded. Suddenly a bell could be heard.

"Dang, lets deal with this later and get to class," Blake added. Lance nodded and the two walked off.

© by Ellie S.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book One: Black Diamond

Marie sat at her desk and frowned as she looked at the papers in front of her. A large head line on the New York Times read Crown Jewel Koh-i-Noor of London STOLEN by the Black Diamond! Marie tossed her soft golden brown hair over her shoulder and tossed the paper in front of two men that sat in front of her desk. "So, since the brilliant, and famous MI6 is turning to Scotland Yard for this?" she asked sarcastically. "Was it not you guys who promised the jewels would be safe and us who told you that Black Diamond is most likely in New York? But you allowed the jewels to go on tour anyways?" Marie snapped at them her cold hazel eyes priced into them. The men looked down and did not answer. She sighed and sat back at her desk. "What do you want me to do?" she asked them rolling her eyes.

"You are one of the smartest detectives in the United Kingdom, and you're only 18," one of the men said. "We have pinpointed a very general location of where the Black Diamond lives," he added. "We would like you and one of our agents to go and go to an American High School undercover."

"You want me?" Marie almost laughed. "Why am I now a member of MI6?" she asked.

"If that is what it takes to get you on this case, then you can be," the other man answered quickly.

"I don't think so, MI6 is pretty humiliated at the moment, and I don't want to join at their worst moment, so who's my partner?" she asked. Two figures walked though the do one with bleach blond hair and green eyes, the other with dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

"Partners," said the blond one in a British accent. "I am Trevor, MI6, I am 18 too," he introduced himself.

"Chris, CIA, 17," the other one answered in an American accent, with a southern ting to it. Marie looked at them and nodded.

"Marie, Soctland Yard, 18," she responded. "So, why them and why America?" she asked the two men.

"Well, America said that the Black Diamond was there problem, and only 'agreed' to let the Bristish help because it was our jewel that was stolen, and we chose them because they are genuis like you, CIA couldn't ignore Chirs, we couldn't ignore Trevor, or you but you chose Scotland Yard," one of the men spoke. "We have to go, these two will fill you in on the mission and you will leave on a plane tonight," the two men got up and left.

"The Black Diamond..." Trevor started.

"Is a criminal master mind who replaces whatever he steals with a black diamond," Marie inturrupted, "Don't give me known infromation," she rolled her eyes. "So where have we pinpointed him?"she asked. "And how?" she added.
"Hilton Central High School, Hilton New York," Chris answered. "He sliped, we found a dancer ticket stub to their Homecoming Dance, the same day the gem was stolen," Chris answered. "No figner prints though, or none that we could identifiy," he added distastfully.
"Well, so he is a student? I always thought that the Black Diamond was a man," Marie wondered aloud. Trevor nodded.

"A student, we are going to want to look at the exlerated students firist, they are more likley to..." Marie cut off Trevor with a wave of her hand.

"They might be smart, but the Black Diamond is going to want to blend in, he doesn't want to draw anyone to himself, he is going to be an average American teenager," Marie thought outloud. "Average grades, athletics, etc. We start with the smart teens we play into his hands."

"I agree," Chris added gruffly. "I mean why would he want to stick out?"
"But, he might know that we are going to look thourgh the average students and accually be one of the smarter teens," Trevor added.

"Well then we have to be prepared for anything," Marie smiled. "So what is our cover?" she asked.

"I am Trace Smyth, and you are Marry Smyth, we are cousins, and we have lived together for a long time with you father, a weathy business man whos wife died in a car crash with my parentes. Chris is now Chase Smyth, he was adopted by your father, and we moved to New York because of your father's work, and we are a happy family," Trevor answered. "Here are our IDs and passports, our cars will be waiting for us are at the airport," he tossed three car keys on the table.

"I want the BMW," Marie snatched the keys and walked out the door.

© by Ellie S.