Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book 7: Time to Leave

Hey guys,
I know that I haven't posted and if no one is reading this still, that is fine, I am really doing this for the practice... Anyways, here is a really short post... But I think it will do for at least the week, so I can get my bearings back on where I want to go with this... Thanks!

Blake was stunned, this girl had it almost figured out. She had put 2 and 2 together to get 4.5. All she needed to do was subtract .5 and she would have it all figured out, and that was a scary idea. The last time this had happened he and Lance had not succeeded in their mission and had to live out their lives and attempt t start from scratch. Truth be told every time this woman came into their lives, things got... complicated, and ended with a broken Lance. And just when John and Blake are able to piece him back together, she comes and he is once again shattered.

"Blake, what's going on?" the girl asked him.

"Nothing, stay away from Lance," Blake stated, not willing to put his brother through that pain again.

"Blake, I feel like I know him, even you, and John, tell me!" she pleaded.

"Stay away from Lance," Blake stated again. "Every time you show up his soul shatters, stay away from my brother," Blake added.

"But... I don't even know, you or Lance!"

"And every time we have this talk..." Blake muttered under his breath. "Leave Lance alone this time," he said again to reinforce the point that he was to make.


"N-O, no, I will not repeat myself, look Lance is already in pain with you here, yo really should just leave."

"What did I do to him?"

"You broke his soul, time and time again."

© by Ellie S.

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