Friday, February 26, 2010

Book 6: The Bar Part II

Hey everyone! I hope you like the next part... I was struggling to see who I wanted to be in the spot light, I was giong to do Blake, then I wanted to give Chris a chance, but I figured they would have their turn... I hope you enjoy it from Marie's point of view!


Marie watched Lance growl at the elderly man. "How old are you? And you still cannot talk properly!" Lance snapped at the old man the man smiled.

"Come now, that how ya treat ya father?" the man asked laughing with wicked smile.

"You know that you aren't really our father," Blake answered back.

"Well, be the best ya two mismatched brothers got, I did basicly rasie ya since, how long has it been?" the man smiled again.

"Too long, I raised Blake when I realized that you were a bad influence on him... and besides, you did not really have to rasie us," Lance added. "We would have done fine on your own," he added. Marie watched the three argue in silence.

"Fine?" the man asked. "Fine? Who took ya both in when ya were tossed out?" he demanded. Lance and Blake sighed and both poined at him with a finger and answered together.

"You Father John," they answered dully.

"Father John?" Marie asked suddenly. The turned and looked at them as if they had forgotten they were there.

"What? Why are you... Oh yeah you followed us..." Blake remembered. Marie looked at Tevor and Chris confused.

"You forgot we were here?" Trevor asked.

"Well, we are different then most people..." Lance sighed. "We tend to forget time..." he added.

"Yeah, and ya Miss Vicotria can call me Grandfather John, or Grandfather, same goes for ya ta idiots," John smiled at them. Lance glared at him.

"Her name is Marry, not Victoria," Lance snapped.

"Well... she looks like a Victoria!" John snapped. Blake snikered a bit and looked at Marie. "Well lets go inside, it be about ta snow," Marie looked up at the sky as Lance took her around the arm and escorted her inside. Who are these people? she asked herself. They seem young but act so old, they sound different, their voices their actions... Am I just noticing nothing? She asked herself.

"Do not worry m'lady," Lance smiled as she sat down on a stool at the bar. "Do not think too much," he added. "There is nothing to worry about," he gave her a warm gentle smile, it felt like a memory. Just like when she had looked into her eyes. She found herself craving to look into his green eyes once more. She watched Trevor and Chirs look around the bar.

"What is this place?" Trevor asked.

"A bar, for people like us," John answered. "But ya wouldn't understand," John added.

"What do you mean 'like us'?" Chris quoted. "Who are you guys, how did you notice us tailing you?" he added.

"Like Father John said, you guys will not understand, you will figure it eventually," Lance answered back. "Would you like something to drink?" he added. The three spies looked outside and saw snow falling and a cold draft coming in.

"I would like..." Marie started onlyto find herself fut off by Lance.

"Tea, black eral grey tea with two cubes of sugar, and two spoons of cream," Lance said pushing a steaming mug infront of her.

"How did you..." Marie started again. Lance sighed and cut her off.

"I am good a guessing," he answered back. She watched him exchnage a glance with Blake and then looked at Trevor and Chris.

"Um... I would like a cup of black coffe please," Chris ordered Trevor nodded for the same. Lance nodded and started to pour two cups of coffee for them and pushed it infront of them. Marie took a sip of the tea, it was... familliar there was something different in this cup of tea.

"What else is in here?" she asked.

"Well... the sugar has a hint of cinnamon in it," Lance told her with a smile on his face. "I have had that sugar for a long time, I make it myself accutally, but I never have time or the right supply to make it," he looked at her and smiled.

"Enough with ya love talk," John snapped. "Miss Vicotira, is he a bothern' ya?" he asked.

"Father John I was only telling her what is in the tea," Lance told him. "I was not bothering here, and her name is MARRY," Lance snapped. Marie looked at Lance and once again found herself catching his green eyes.

"Victoria, please, please," came the pleading voice again.

"Luke... no... I am sorry, I simply cannot be with you..." Marie heard herself say as she kept walking away from the voice, wishing, wanting to look back.

"No... Bane don't keep be back! LET ME GO! VICTORIA!!!" the voice that belonged to Luke yelled. Tears fell from Maire's eyes as she looked back to see a young man being held back by another man. She caught the young man's green eyes.

"Luke she made her choice, maybe next time..." came the other man's voice.

Maire opened her eyes and gasped, she felt tears falling from her eyes. "What?" she asked.

"Are you alright?" came Blake's voice. "You passed out all of a sudden it scared us, everyone else is waiting for you in the bar," Marie slowly sat up. She was on a bed.

"I... what? I was... nevermind," Maire sturggled to remember what had happened. One minute she looked into green eyes and then she was having a dream. A painfull memory like dream. And the green eyes, she knew who they belonged to, "Lance!" she said suddenly. "He was in my dream!"

© by Ellie S.


  1. Hi, Ellie,

    Enjoying your story! I like the characters.


  2. I love how when she first wakes up, it's just a "...what?" moment. :D like when you fall asleep in class and the bell rings. ;D nice job!