Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book 5: The Bar Part 1

Trevor sighed as he drove his car with Marie in the back and Chris in the front with him. He sighed and scratched his dirty blonde hair and then looked at Marie who had insisted that they follow the brothers Blake and Lance. She told them that she had a hunch that they knew something about their case. Choosing not to ruin her hopes and dreams he and Chris reluctantly went with her. He watched the black Charger drive, the driver, the one named Lance had seemed upset about something, but then he seemed to calm down and then started to take random twists and turns in the road making hard but still possible to follow them. Then suddenly it hit him, they had been seen, but how? He had always kept two or more cars in front of him. He made random lane switches. He had followed the book, and normally he hated the book, but tailing was the one thing he agreed with.

"Bloody hell, They saw us," Trevor growled. Marie looked up at him with harsh hazel eyes. "But I think they are letting us follow them," he added, driving behind the Charger now, knowing it was pointless. She sighed and turned her head looking our the window distracted.

"Hey," Chris smiled. "At least we know they don't have anything to hide if they are letting us follow them," he added. "Or they noticed your horrible tail and they changed the location they were going to for us," Chris smirked at Trevor.

"My tail was fine!" Trevor snapped. "Bloody Americans," he growled load enough for Chris to hear.

"Damn British!" Chris shot back hotly.

"Shut up boys, and watch the road!" Marie snapped from the back as Trevor almost hit a car. "Next time I am driving and you will be in the back seats," she snapped. "Stop acting like five year olds!" she added.

Trevor looked back at her and snarled then turned to drive. The drive continued and suddenly there was a phone ring. The group looked at each other and then looked at the phone next to Maire. "It is your phone Chris," she held up the phone to him.

"Hello?" Chris asked the phone. Trevor kept an eye on Chris who seemed to turn white. "No... no... we have an explanation, a lead..." a loud shout was heard from the cell phone. "No boss... no... I know..." another shout was heard. Chris sighed. "I KNOW!" he snapped in the phone. "Never act without permission, blah blah blah," Chris growled at his superior on the phone. "I know I could get fired, but I know you won't, anyways we are tailing someone who noticed our tail, they are good boss, yeah... Oh names! Blake and Lance..." Chris looked at Marie for help. She held her phone and worked was typing on it quickly.

"Fallen," she answered.

"Fallen... and no I don't KNOW if it is an allies!" Chris snapped hanging up the phone. "Sorry my boss, he thinks he can control me, but I know he can't," he smirked wickedly. He looked back at Marie. "Thank you by the way," he added with a playful smile.

"Right..." she answered back. "Anyways, what would you say?" she asked as the Charger came to a stop at a tattered down bar. "Is this their stop?" she asked.

"Yeah," Trevor answered parking the car and getting out. The two brothers got out of the car and turned to them and motioned for them to come out. The three spies sighed and got out of the car and walked over to them. "What?" Trevor asked. The one named Lance was about to answer until they heard a gruff grunt from behind them. The other one seemed to wince.

"So, Lance, Blake you hav da guts ta bring strangers?" came an old man's voice the group turned to see an elderly man with graying hair and a long beard. "Now ain't that just brave?" he asked. "Ah.. but I see that these are special strangers."

© by Ellie S.

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