Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Book Four: Once Again

Hey guys, sorry this took so long, I have been busy with school life etc. So PLEASE if you like this blog don't give up I will keep writing for you guys that like this blog!


Lance walked out of the nurses office and ran outside to the fresh open air. He inhaled and then gave a loud sigh. He leaned his back on the wall next to him and fidgeted in his pocket and pulled out a long chain with a ring on it. He fingered the ring and looked at it, and placed it around his neck and tucked under his shirt and looked around the shcool yard.

What had she seen? He asked himself, Which memory? he got up as the bell rang for the next period. He walked to his car and opened it up and sat in the front seat and slammed the door shut. He started to blast the music and then the door next to him opened up. He did not even turn to look to see who it was. "What Blake?" he asked his friend.

"Well, you seemed upset when I saw you slam to door to your car," Blake explained, "What happened?" he asked. Lance sat still for a moment and then closed his eyes and pressed his hands into his face. "What happened?" Blake asked again a bit more sternly. Lance looked at him and then out the window and started up the car. "Lance, you cannot hide from this forever, we cannot just leave this city, we just got here," Blake growled at Lance as he started to drive away from the school. Lance turned to look at Blake and then turned his head away.

"SHE SAW!!!" he snapped as the drove down the busy streets. "She saw something! And I have no idea which memory, which age it was, Blake, she knows something is up, I cannot just hide it from her, I cannot go back to that school, or to her," Lance had tears falling from his eyes. Blake looked at Lance and then started to laugh. Lance growled and looked at Blake, "What do you think is so funny?" he growled.

Blake caught his breath, "Oh, nothing, just that, you Lance, of all people slipped up, you SLIPPED up!" he laughed. "Oh my goodness, this is fantastic!" Blake laughed. Lance shot him a look that caused him to shut up. "Okay, okay, I get it, anyways, just be careful," Blake sighed whipping a tear from his face. Lance stared ahead at the traffic and nodded. "Anyways, what would you like to do? While we skip class," Blake asked.

"Well, fist off, we are being tailed, by the new kids, so lets go there," Lance smiled at Blake. "Give them something to think about," he added.

"Where?" Blake asked and then it seemed to click. "Oh, there, you think the old man will mind three new guests? I mean it is change, a big change," he added. "Three new people," he laughed.

"The old man will not mind," Lance answered back with a smile. "Anyways, lets go have so fun at the bar," he added with a smirk.

© by Ellie S.

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