Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book One: Black Diamond

Marie sat at her desk and frowned as she looked at the papers in front of her. A large head line on the New York Times read Crown Jewel Koh-i-Noor of London STOLEN by the Black Diamond! Marie tossed her soft golden brown hair over her shoulder and tossed the paper in front of two men that sat in front of her desk. "So, since the brilliant, and famous MI6 is turning to Scotland Yard for this?" she asked sarcastically. "Was it not you guys who promised the jewels would be safe and us who told you that Black Diamond is most likely in New York? But you allowed the jewels to go on tour anyways?" Marie snapped at them her cold hazel eyes priced into them. The men looked down and did not answer. She sighed and sat back at her desk. "What do you want me to do?" she asked them rolling her eyes.

"You are one of the smartest detectives in the United Kingdom, and you're only 18," one of the men said. "We have pinpointed a very general location of where the Black Diamond lives," he added. "We would like you and one of our agents to go and go to an American High School undercover."

"You want me?" Marie almost laughed. "Why am I now a member of MI6?" she asked.

"If that is what it takes to get you on this case, then you can be," the other man answered quickly.

"I don't think so, MI6 is pretty humiliated at the moment, and I don't want to join at their worst moment, so who's my partner?" she asked. Two figures walked though the do one with bleach blond hair and green eyes, the other with dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

"Partners," said the blond one in a British accent. "I am Trevor, MI6, I am 18 too," he introduced himself.

"Chris, CIA, 17," the other one answered in an American accent, with a southern ting to it. Marie looked at them and nodded.

"Marie, Soctland Yard, 18," she responded. "So, why them and why America?" she asked the two men.

"Well, America said that the Black Diamond was there problem, and only 'agreed' to let the Bristish help because it was our jewel that was stolen, and we chose them because they are genuis like you, CIA couldn't ignore Chirs, we couldn't ignore Trevor, or you but you chose Scotland Yard," one of the men spoke. "We have to go, these two will fill you in on the mission and you will leave on a plane tonight," the two men got up and left.

"The Black Diamond..." Trevor started.

"Is a criminal master mind who replaces whatever he steals with a black diamond," Marie inturrupted, "Don't give me known infromation," she rolled her eyes. "So where have we pinpointed him?"she asked. "And how?" she added.
"Hilton Central High School, Hilton New York," Chris answered. "He sliped, we found a dancer ticket stub to their Homecoming Dance, the same day the gem was stolen," Chris answered. "No figner prints though, or none that we could identifiy," he added distastfully.
"Well, so he is a student? I always thought that the Black Diamond was a man," Marie wondered aloud. Trevor nodded.

"A student, we are going to want to look at the exlerated students firist, they are more likley to..." Marie cut off Trevor with a wave of her hand.

"They might be smart, but the Black Diamond is going to want to blend in, he doesn't want to draw anyone to himself, he is going to be an average American teenager," Marie thought outloud. "Average grades, athletics, etc. We start with the smart teens we play into his hands."

"I agree," Chris added gruffly. "I mean why would he want to stick out?"
"But, he might know that we are going to look thourgh the average students and accually be one of the smarter teens," Trevor added.

"Well then we have to be prepared for anything," Marie smiled. "So what is our cover?" she asked.

"I am Trace Smyth, and you are Marry Smyth, we are cousins, and we have lived together for a long time with you father, a weathy business man whos wife died in a car crash with my parentes. Chris is now Chase Smyth, he was adopted by your father, and we moved to New York because of your father's work, and we are a happy family," Trevor answered. "Here are our IDs and passports, our cars will be waiting for us are at the airport," he tossed three car keys on the table.

"I want the BMW," Marie snatched the keys and walked out the door.

© by Ellie S.


  1. Ahaha! :D Yesh, always go for the BMW. Smart girl X) I like it!


  2. Glad you like it! I am about to introduce Lance! :D