Saturday, December 12, 2009

Book Two: Hilton High

Lance leaned his back on his old vintage charger talking with a group of friends. His green eyes suddenly caught two silver porsches 997 turbos, the 2007 versions, and a silvery blue hard top convertible BMW driving into the school parking lot. They all parked next to each other and two boys walked out of the porsches and one girl walked out of the BMW. They looked around and caught everyones attention Lance rolled his eyes and watched the girl. He pushed a strand of his brown hair out of his eyes and watched the girl his green eyes caught her eyes as she turned her head to look at him. His eyes widened as he looked at her hazel eyes, he broke the gaze by quickly looking away.

"Jace, I have to go find my brother, I'll be right back," Lance smiled at his friend. Jace nodded as Lance turned away. He walked towards the green football field and stopped in front of a tree. He looked up and glared. "Blake, get down here," a figure sighed from the tree and jumped down. He was about as tall as Lance but instead of brown hair he had black, but in turn had the same green eyes.

"What is it Lu.." Blake started but trailed off as Lance glared at him. "Oh, sorry Lance," Blake corrected himself.

"Never mind that Blake, I saw her again, she is back on this world," Lance snapped. "This is a living hell on this horrid Earth," Lance groaned leaning on the tree pressing his face in his hands. "Blake, what if I can get her this time?" he asked. Blake looked at his brother.

"Lance, we've been through this, she will never pick you, she will always, pick one of the other two, no matter which life it is," Blake sighed. Lance glared at him.

"How would you know? You have never even tried to find your soul mate! And you know what she looks like, where she is and everything!" Lance snapped. Blake snorted and looked at him.

"Never felt like it, always enjoyed this life, more then the other choice, anyways, how long will it take the humans to figure out that the black diamonds we leave or fake?" Blake asked.

"Never mind that, Victoria is back, and besides, we did not steal that diamond," Lance hissed. "It was never one of the targets, we need to figure out who is doing this and stop them before the humans get into this more then they should," Lance sighed. Blake looked at him and nodded. Suddenly a bell could be heard.

"Dang, lets deal with this later and get to class," Blake added. Lance nodded and the two walked off.

© by Ellie S.

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