Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Three: First Sight

Marie walked into her first period class after drving to school. She wore a light grew blouse and a pair of blue jeans. She pushed a piece of her golden brown hair out of her face and silently stood by the door, feeling a sense of fear, her first day of high shool, ever. She looked around the room to see students walking to their desks and sitting down, talking with each other, wishpering about the new kids.

"Did you hear? The blond one is American, why does he live with them?" one girl whispered.

"I heard their father is a mafia boss," another girl wispered back. "Why else would they have that nice of cars?" she added.

"I heard they are a part of the witness protection program," a boy muttered to them. Marie sighed, they had only been their for an entier 20 minutes and there were already rumors flying around about them. She ignored the gossoping wishpers and turned her head towards the door. A man walked in and the class fell silent.

"Marry Smyth I presume?" he asked. Marie nodded at him and the man turned. "Class, meet Marry Smyth, she moved from England with her family," he introduced. "I am Mr. Cooper, ask me anything you need to know," he added. Suddenly the door opened and a boy walked in. Marie noticed that it was the same boy she had seen in the parking lot. He walked in with a shinning smile on his face which seemed to make all the girls sigh with wish. Marie rolled her eyes and looked away from him. "Mr. Lance," Mr. Cooper started. So his name is Lance... Lance... she repeated the name in her head over and over. "Being late..." he paused and seemed to go into a daze. "Just don't let it happen again..." Marie looked at Mr. Cooper.

"Of corse," Lance shone his smile again and walked off to one of the empty desks and sat down.

"Right..." Mr. Cooper seemed to snap out of his trance and turned to Marie. "Marry, sit next to Lance over there," he added. Marie nodded and walked over to one of the four empty desks around Lance. She wondered why he sat alone like that and shyly sat next to him. She heard a hiss echo through the classroom and wondered what she had done. She looked at Lance who looked back and smiled.

"Hello, I am Lance, what is your name?" he asked. Another hiss echoed. "Ignore them, they are jealous," he smiled.

"I don't see what they are jealous about," Marie answered back.

"Ah, I am handsome, beautiful, all around loved," he whispered back. Marie rolled her eyes. She did not like him already.

"Yeah, right, arrogant, is more like it," she snapped. Lance thought for a moment.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," he smiled at her. "Anyways, what is your name?" he asked.

"Marry, Marry Smyth," Marie answered back to him. He smiled at that.

"Marry, is that your real name?" he asked in a low whisper.

"What?" Marie asked quickly. He shock his head and gave a gentle laugh. The entier time they had been talking he hadn't looked at her. "Why don't you look at me when you talk?" Marie asked. Lance sighed and turned his face towards her. Their eyes caught again. Marie held his gaze and saw something.

"Vicotria, why are you leaving me?" came a soft hurt voice.

"I can't be with you Luke," Marie felt herself answered. Suddenly warm arms wrapped around her. The dream was so real. Lips suddenly hit hers and they held there for what felt like for ever, the adenline rushed through her, her face flushed. "Stop," she pleaded when she had a moment to breath. But the kiss came again and she felt herslef kiss back and then she pulled back.

"Don't tell me you do not love me too," came Luke's voice. Marie looked up to to see his face and looked into green eyes.

Marie's eyes flew open and felt warm arms wrapped around her carring her. She looked up to see Lance carring her. "What happened?" she asked.

"You feel asleep during class, I told Mr. Cooper that I was taking you to the nurse to rest becuase you probally wheren't over jetlag yet," Lance smiled back. "How are you feeling?" he asked as he opened a door. Marie shrugged nd felt herself be plaecd on a bed.

"Well, the nusre will be back soon, I will see you later," Lance smiled and walked away.

"Why do I feel like I have met him?" Marie asked outloud as the door closed behind Lance.

© 2009 by Ellie S.


  1. School is finally on break!!! Thank goodness!!!! Anyways I will have more time to post if you like this blog....

  2. I like it Ellie! Just one suggestion: when Lance is talking he says "I am Lance" and "they are jealous", but if you want him to talk like a normal high school student, he should say "I'm Lance" and "they're jealous".

  3. Oh... Yeah... there is a good reason for that...

  4. Fun story, I look forward to reading more :-)